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Impactful Branding
and Web Design
for Lifestyle Brands

Launch your online store — connect with consumers, create an online user experience, and increase sales in our 5-week intensive branding and web-design process. We give you the platform your store needs to stand out.

web design
Web design

Stefen Gale, Owner of Kings Peak Outfitters

"We recently had the opportunity to work with Baylee with Buchanan Design. It was amazing. I think from the very get-go of Baylee reaching out to us she saw we had the need. We knew we had the need to get a better website - and even though we knew we needed some direction on marketing and social media and being able to find the right audience. and also make sure we were targeting the right audience too. We didn't know how to do it. Baylee did. It was a huge step for us min the right direction. We now have after 6 weeks a beautiful website. , Its' clear, it shares our message our message, our statement, and we also have a clear direction and guide for social media marketing. Thats big because it helps up not be overwhelmed, be patient, and helps up target the right audience we weren't targeting before and also find groups that may be interested in our product that we didn't know how to find. Thankfully with Baylee's help we were able to find out kindred spirits in the space., the companies that we liked and wanted to be like, and a clear direction what we should be doing. It was awesome. If thats something you are on the fence about I would highly recommend working with her. Fantastic from top to bottom. It was a an awesome experience for us and we now have a clear direction of where we should be going."

Get Results You Love

How it works

How It Works

Our done-for-you 5-Week Branding & Web-Design Process helps lifestyle brands launch a strong brand identity. The process helps

you establish a compelling online presence that connects with consumers, and creates an online experience made to increases sales.

We start with a deep dive into your current brand to identify areas that need improvement and over the five weeks, we work together

to strengthen your brand through a logo, brand guides, brand message, photography, web design, and social media for full consistency and impact.

website redesign



  • Together we start with a review of  your current brand to identify areas that need improvement and develop an in-depth brand strategy to address your business goals through design over the next 5 weeks. We will create or streamline your brand message that will resonate with your targeted audience.

  • RESULTS: By the end of this step you will have  a list of what areas we are going to improve over the next five weeks and a clear brand message that resonates with your targeted audience.


  • We design a logo variation that clearly represents your brand and is created with your audience and message in mind. You pick what logo direction you would like to go in with your brand.

  • RESULTS: By the end of this step you will have a well-designed logo and a clear streamlined brand guide to keep an aligned brand moving forward that creates a powerful online experience for your site visitors.



  • What takes a brand to the next level is custom photography. Stock photography can hinder a website's performance significantly and decrease brand loyalty as well as sales. Let's have a photoshoot! Already have photos you are happy with? Great! Let's pick out the ones that will create an emotional connection and brand resonance with your audience.

  • RESULTS: By the end of this step you will have a library of edited photos, or together we will select the best  photos from your currently library to be used on your website that provoke emotion in your audience and represent your brand the best.



  • In this step we will create a website built for success. The landing page is everything, especially for lifestyle brands. In about 2 seconds your customer makes a judgement and decision about your brand. Let's make it a good one!

  • RESULTS: By the end of this step you will have remarkable site that you love! We will either create a website that will be easily transferred over to your company to maintain and host, or help you create designs for your current website platform. Your site will be made to attract customers and  stand out from the competition in order to increase sales.




  • Social media outreach and branding has become a huge part in reaching consumers. We will make sure your social media is streamlined in it's messaging and branding.

  • RESULTS: By the end of this step you will have a clear plan for how to manage your social media moving forward. This includes: your new logo sized for all your social media platforms, a new banner for Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other platforms you may have, and three social media graphics (Ex. instagram posts) to establish your branding on social media moving forward to keep customers engaged and gain loyal and organic customers! 

owner of Buchanan Design

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Baylee has been such a pleasure to work with over the past year. I would highly recommend working with this dynamic designer. My site is easy to work with and navigate. I have gone through website redesigns before, and by far, this was one of the easiest and least painful. I was listened to and respected through every step. I couldn't be happier with my new website. I continue to use Baylee for all my business ventures!

customer testimonial


I was fortunate to work with Baylee on a couple of projects. I was really impressed by her focused approach to work and the ability to translate business requirements into a design that helped achieve business goals and clearly communicate the intended message to the users. Baylee is easy to work with - open to discussion, attentive to detail and very reliable. I've learned a lot from her and will definitely appreciate a chance to work with her again.


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